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Questions and Answers

Do you sell to the public?

GR Print is a trade printer, which means that only print resellers/brokers have access to our pricing. GR Print does not sell to end-users. If you are an end-user / layperson and you obtain an account, you are using GR Print at your own risk. We do not offer any assistance in setting up or checking your files. We do not provide any proofing. Trade printers print for those within the industry that need lower quantities than their current press runs.

How do I setup an account?

Simply click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill out a short application. You will have immediate access to our ordering system.

Where can I look at your pricing?

In order to protect the market and you profits, you must have an account to view pricing. Simply create an account to view prices.

How do you verify if an account holder is not an end-user?

GR Print takes steps to ensure each new account is a reseller. Accounts found to be end-users will be immediately suspended. A copy of your resell permit must be sent in via email.

Understanding The Gang Run Printing Process

The printing process in which multiple print jobs are produced on a common print sheet is referred to a gang run. Understanding the positive aspects as well as production limitations as a print broker will help to set you and your customer's expectation.

Positive aspects of the gang-run printing process: It saves your customer a considerable amount of money. Many cost factors are shared on the sheet to reduce the overall cost per job. Environmentally more friendly. Ganging jobs together use paper more efficiently by filling up the sheet and thus reducing paper waste. This was driven by economics since the more that is squeezed out of a leaf, the lower the cost.

Limitations of the gang-run process: Color: This is by far the biggest limitation with gang-run printing. It is difficult to maintain control of color because there are many jobs on one sheet. Therefore it is impossible for any printer using a gang run process to be able to guarantee color output. This cannot be emphasized enough — quality of output. Since there are many jobs on a sheet, it's difficult to maintain certain output quality. Solid colors have the potential to show streaks or ink coverage may be over-saturated. Most of these issues can be avoided with a good understanding of file setup for gang-run jobs. There is typically a lower selection of paper and coating options. GR Print has recently overcome these limitations and offers a wide array of paper and coating options.

The positive aspects of gang-run printing definitely outweigh the limitations and this is illustrated by the large growth of the gang-run industry as well as the growing amount of brokers that resell gang-run jobs