File Submission


Once files are submitted they can move quickly into production. Once files are in production they cannot be removed; the order may not be canceled; no changes can be made. It is very important that this is understood. If artwork is submitted incorrectly, it will print incorrectly. If a bad quality file is submitted, it will be a bad quality print. We do everything we can to assist you, but it's not always possible to catch potential problems before the artwork moves forward for print.

The thumbprint you see of your artwork on the invoice is not for actual color. The thumbprint shows color break only. 

Attention Please!! 

1. Artwork submission is quick and easy. Once the artwork has been submitted the system will not allow you to remove it and submit a new file. Be sure you are aware of what files you are uploading.

2. GR Print will no longer check for low resolution artwork. This is now the customer's responsibility to make sure that resolution is 300 dpi and up. This includes individual photos and logos.

3. GR Print, without prior notice, will convert all submitted files that are RGB, PMS and Spot Colors to CMYK. We will not take responsibility for any color change.

Please use this check list before you submit your artwork:

  • Embed Fonts (outline is the best)
  • Embed Image
  • Flatten Transparency
  • Flatten Photoshop layers
  • Convert to CMYK Mode
  • Correct Dimension
  • Correct Orientation
  • Convert SPOT or PMS Color to CMYK
  • Turn Off Overprint
  • Remove ICC profile
  • Make sure files have Bleeds
  • Remove Template Guidelines from artwork
  • Ink Coverage no more than 250% on solid area


GR Print will not honor a re-print of any order or refund the cost due to artwork that was submitted incorrectly.