Be sure to select specifications carefully when placing orders. If you use the back arrow or select items out of order, the presets may revert. Double-check all information before adding to the cart. Once all items have been double-checked, and all products entered into the cart, you will then be able to name your orders. This name should be geared toward your company naming system ie. PO# etc.

Lower on the page, you can enter your customer's ship-to name and address for blind shipping. GR Print will never include an invoice in the package, nor will our name appear in the ship from the section. The ship from the part should list you or your company's information. You should then click "get shipping rates." The FedEx manager will then show the shipping methods and rates. Make your selection, double-check everything on the page for accuracy, and click "proceed to checkout."

The check out page is where you will enter the payment information. The billing address is that of the card that is being used to pay for the order. Once you have verified that all the information is correct on this page, we highly recommend reading the terms and conditions. Reading and understanding the terms and conditions is your responsibility as this is a binding contract between you, our customer, and GR Print. Once you mark the box that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, click on submit an order and wait for the order confirmation to appear. There is no need to click the submit order button again, as this may get you two orders.

Once orders have been placed the changes that can be made are limited. Send an email to sales@grprint.com to request the changes. Be sure to include the invoice number given to you at the time of ordering. We do not reference orders by what you named the order nor your PO number. We will do our best to accommodate you, but not all requests are possible.


You will receive a response through email if we were successful at making the requested changes, if there are any additional fees, if the order must be voided/refunded and you reenter a new order or if it is too late to make the changes. There are many different cases by case situations that will be dealt with in due course.