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A very big problem I see with most restaurants is that they describe their menu items with a lifeless list of ingredients. This is unfortunate, because menu descriptions allow you to share the heart and soul of your restaurant .


An ideal restaurant menu description is a short one, explains what the dish is, and, ultimately, makes the customer want to order it. ... If customers don't understand the restaurant menu description, they are most likely not to order that item.


 Find the best words to describe food for your menu. We list adjectives to describe taste, texture, and preparation method!

Disposable Menu:

Many state governments are mandating that restaurants turn to disposable menus to help protect dining rooms against the spread of coronavirus. Disposable single-use menus are the safest option for restaurants because they can be bought in bulk and recycled after each use, ensuring there's no point of contact between customers.

We designed our disposable menus just for restaurant businesses.

Your choices are:

70# uncoated Text 1/0 or 1/1, flat or folding options.

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